Spitfire AJ Egg Chair


The outer shell of our AJ Egg chair is crafed from hand cut plates of aluminium and rivited by hand to give the chair its unique Spitfire look. The aluminum is hand polished giving a brushed matt finish. The chair's interior walls are clad in faux vintage leather and is supplied with removable leather cushion seat for added comfort. The Pod is mounted on a high quality ball bearing swivel mechanism allowing it to freely swivels 360°.


Egg chair dimentions.

Colour and Material: Spitfire AJ Egg Chair in Faux Vintage Leather and Aluminium Shell (P291-99)

Please note, this chair requires a minimum door width of at least 85cm. This Chair conforms to all UK fire safety regulataions.

**The Spitfire range is designed to have an aged vintage look, so metal surfaces can have imperfections including small dents and scratches which add character to the product.

Spitfire AJ Egg Chair

Our special edition Spitfire AJ Egg chair. We have updated the design to feature a hand crafted aluminium rivited back, to replicate the classic World War 2 Spitfire look. We have used a faux vintage leather thoughout the interior giving the chair a retro look. A truly unique chair which would look superb in any contemporary living space.
To buy matching AJ Egg Ottoman with your chair, please click  HERE


Availability: Manufactured & Delivered in 6-12 weeks

  • Black Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Aluminium

  • FA Black 508-11
  • FA Blue 508-9
  • FA Brown 508-8
  • FA Cream 508-3B
  • FA Green 508-7
  • FA Grey 000-00
  • FA Mango 508-2
  • FA Orange 508-4
  • FA Pink 508-5
  • FA Red 508-5B
  • FA White 508-3
  • IT Apple Green HH-669
  • IT Beige BE-3038
  • IT Black FE-2000
  • IT Brown FT-821
  • IT Grey BE-7023
  • IT Light Grey MA-460
  • IT Light Violet 2124
  • IT Lime Green BE-6023
  • IT Olive Green BE-2026
  • IT Orange HH-7
  • IT Pink HK-003
  • IT Purple BE-7071
  • IT Racing Green BE-037
  • IT Red RH-7078
  • IT Sea Blue 199
  • IT Sky Blue WJ-1065
  • IT Tan YT-957
  • IT Violet BE-7088
  • IT White 540
  • IT Yellow DHL-323
  • RV Black YX-2805
  • RV Caramel Brown JK-024
  • RV Coffee Brown 8579
  • RV Dark Brown 2357
  • RV Dark Red H-108
  • RV Earth Brown JDY-1
  • RV Leaf Green YX-2302
  • RV Moroccan Brown TS-824
  • RV Tan 016-F25
  • RV Vintage Tan 181
  • VF Black TO-962
  • VF Brown TO-904
  • VF Caramel TO-983
  • VF Dark Blue TO-954
  • VF Dark Brown TO-985
  • VF Dark Green TO-960
  • VF Dark Red TO-906
  • VF Grey XLD6061-A2
  • VF Old Mauve TO-907
  • VF White TO-864
  • WO Black ZH-1
  • WO Blue ZH-19
  • WO Bright Orange ZH-12
  • WO Brown ZH-16
  • WO Charcoal ZH-41
  • WO Cream ZH-48
  • WO Dark Brown ZH-69
  • WO Dark Turquoise ZH-23
  • WO DarkOlive Green ZH-36
  • WO Fuchsia Pink ZH-2
  • WO Green ZH-35
  • WO Grey ZH-42
  • WO Light Blue ZH-B6
  • WO Light Grey ZH-47
  • WO Magenta ZH-39
  • WO Olive Green ZH-37
  • WO Orange ZH-11
  • WO Pink ZH-B5
  • WO Purple ZH-4
  • WO Red ZH-24
  • WO Steel Grey ZH-25
  • WO White ZH-B9

  • Aluminium
  • Black Aluminium
  • Copper


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